Deeply moved by the unfortunate incidents of farmers committing suicides, we at Friends Group have felt the need to help farmers by partnering with them. This would help the farmers to :

  • Increase their earnings from farming;
  • Raise their standard of living
  • Get rid of the problem of marketing their produce besides assuring them of getting the best price and
  • Adopt modern agricultural practices and be adaptable to changing circumstances.

health benefits of dragon fruit

Plans are afoot to invest heavily in technology-to increase yield and also ensure that the crop withstands vagaries of weather. All this is aimed to be achieved by following the best farming practices ensuring sustainable agriculture. The farmers owning Land and interested in developing Dragon Fruit Farms thereon may get in touch with us to help them establish Dragon Fruit Farms on turnkey basis. The types of assistance that would be provided to those who intend to partner with us will be :

  • providing necessary guidance to ensure crop yield and its protection
  • supplying saplings and other items required for development/setting up of farm
  • The Singhvis' Farm can provide all sorts of assistance right from the inception stage till the complete plantation is done. For such Turnkey projects, we can supply Poles, Rings, Sapling, digging necessary Holes for planting the Saplings, making skilled labour available for such projects etc.
  • Assured buy back of their produce at the prevailing market price.
  • provide guidance to the farm developers in obtaining Loans from Banks and Government subsidy.

In short, the farm owners will be required to take care of their farm operations only leaving the marketing worries to us and be assured of best price for their produce.